Punjab Regional Welfare Board (PSSWB) Short Introduction

To help voluntary organizations, the Government of India established the Social Welfare Board, (CSWB) in New Delhi on 12th August 1953. The Punjab State Social Welfare Board (PSSWB), Chandigarh was established in October 1954 by the State Govt. in consultation with the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi with the aim of improving the welfare programs for women, children and the disabled through a network of voluntary organizations operating in the province of Punjab. The Board provides financial assistance to voluntary organizations under a variety of programs provided by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi and the Regional Government. to facilitate and strengthen their role in empowering women through education and training, by integrating and creating awareness.

Composition of Government Board

The Punjab Regional Welfare Board is made up of the Provincial Government. in accordance with the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi as provided for by the rules governing the formation and operation of State Social Welfare Board boards. The current position for the re-establishment of the State Board is as follows:


The Chairperson of the Punjab Regional Welfare Board is appointed by the National Government. in consultation with the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi. Currently, Smt. Varinder Kaur Thandi holds the position of Chairman of the Board w.e.f. 01.12.2014.

The Chairman of the Government Board will hold office two consecutive terms, each for a period of 03 years. The term of office of the Chairperson is limited to three years.

Country Board Members (Non-Official Members)

The members of the Country Board have been nominated as Central Social Welfare Board nominees and nominees in the Punjab Government at a rate of 50:50.

Currently, 05 Provincial Board Members as Punjab Government nominees have been appointed by the Punjab Government after receiving approval from the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi vide Government of Punjab, Department of Social Security and Women & Child Development (Social Security Branch) , Notice No.5 / 19/2000 / 6SS / 2SS / 540675 dated 17.07.2015. 05 members as the Central Welfare Board are yet to be appointed. However, details of current members are provided below:

Ms. Neelam Choudhary, Kothe Bhim Sain, Dinanagar, Gurdaspur District
Ms. Rajwinder Kaur Raju D / o S. Kewal Singh Lally, Village Nangal Shama, PO Ladewali, Jalandhar District
Ms Shashi Narang, 130, Guru Hargobind Nagar, Phagwara, Kapurthala District
Ms Gurminderpal Kaur Dhillon, House No. 19740, Ajit Road, Gali No. 10-A, Bhatinda
Sh. Rajinder Kumar, E-38, Uttam Vihar Colony, Abohar, Fazilka District
Official Members

Director, Women’s Social Protection and Child Development, Punjab
Director, Department of Industry, Punjab
Director, Health Services, Punjab
Deputy Director, Women’s Program, Department of Rural Development and Panchayats, Punjab
Secretary, Punjab Social Welfare Board, Chandigarh: Member Secretary
Currently, the following Programs / Programs are being implemented through registered Organizations / NGOs and ICDS Blocks in the province.

Programs of the Social Welfare Board (CSWB).

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Program Children of Working Mothers (Creche)
Family Counseling Center (FCC)
Short Home Remedies for Women and Girls (SSH)
Provincial Government Programs

Integrated Child Development Program (5 Blocks)
Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme for Children of Working Mothers)

Kindergartens are set up for children of working and sick mothers who belong to the low-income group. Children 0-6 years old can cover under this program. Each unit has 25 children who are provided with accommodation, health care, nutrition, immunization etc.

Scheme pattern:

The current program will provide assistance to the Startup Agency / Maternal NGOs by running crèches for children (6 to 6 months) in various sections as shown below:

Continuing Grant (For kindergarten for 25 children)

Table: Repeated Grant Details

S. None Part of the Annual Expenditure Expenditure Rate Structures / NGOs shares in the Government year. annual budget (Grant)
1 Honorarium
(a) Kindergarten Work Rs. 3000 / – per month 90:10 Rs.36000 / – Rs.3600 / – Rs.32400 / –
(b) Creche Helper Rs. 1500 / – per month 90:10 Rs.18000 / – Rs.1800 / – Rs.16200 / –
(c) Doctor Rs.250 / – quarterly visit 90:10 Rs.1000 / – Rs.100 / – Rs.900 /
2 Additional feeding for 26 days a month
Rs. 12.00 per child per day 25 children Rs 7800 / – per month 90:10 Rs.93600 / – Rs.9360 / – Rs.84240 / –
3 Other Items
(a) Medication Kit Rs. 500 / – six per month 90:10 Rs.1000 / – Rs.100 / – Rs.900 / –
(b) PSE Kit Rs. 2000 / – year 90:10 Rs.2000 / – Rs.200 / – Rs.1800 / –
(c) Monitor private institutions (once a year) Rs.1000 / – per crèche per 100% visit Rs.1000 / – – Rs.1000 / –
4 Total Cost Rs.152600 / – Rs.15160 / – Rs.137440 / –
Family Counseling Center (FCC)

The Board runs one of the Central Social Welfare Board’s detailed programs as follows. Women’s organizations and other voluntary social organizations participating in women’s affairs can receive grants from the CSWB for establishing Family Counseling Centers (FCCs). The FCCs are expected to provide counseling, transfer and, where possible, resources to assist women victims of domestic and community violence and others affected by family and social problems and conflicts.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant organizations should have experience and a record of community outreach and women’s issues.

Scheme description

The Family Counseling Center should work closely with local authorities e.g. police and institutions,

The plan has been reviewed by CSWB, New Delhi and Updated Financial Principles for the FCC program submitted to the Regional Board by CSWB with video No. 14-15 / Policy / 92-93 / Vol.VI dated 17.09.2015 w.e.f. 01.10.2015 are provided as follows: –

Budget Details

S.No. Core Value CSWB Budget 90% VO share 10%
1 Honorarium For 2 Advisors @ Rs. 10,000 / – per month per Adviser no matter where the Center is. 2,40,000 / – 2,16,000 / – 24,000 / –
2 Emergencies amounting to Rs- 44,000 / – per year, both total annual costs of Rs 80,000 / – 80,000 / – 72,000 / – 8,000 / –
Total 3,20,000 / – 2,88,000 / – 32,000 / –
Short Home Remedies for Women and Girls

The short home stay program has been started to help those women and girls who have to deal with sexual harassment, emotional trauma, sexual harassment, traffic congestion, child abuse, marital conflict, etc. in the community. They need help and guidance to regain self-confidence to meet the situation and gain self-reliance skills and develop relationships with people who can help restore their status in society. Under this program they are kept in temporary accommodation at home for a short period of time where basic resources are provided to develop their full personality. These programs provide services / services such as temporary accommodation for needy women and girls from 6 months to 3 years, counseling services, health and mental health care, skills development training and rehabilitation services and Education, Vocational and leisure activities. A home should have an average of 30 occupants at a time with at least 20 residences and a maximum of 40 residents.

A powerful State-level Committee consisting of the following members is made up of the State Government. vide notice No. F.3 / 1/02 / 4SS / 3914 dated 15.01.2003 to review and recommend suggestions.


1. Secretary, Deptt. of Social Security & Women & Child Development, Punjab.


2. Principal Secretary, Finance Deptt., Punjab.
3. Director, Deptt. of Social Security Women & Child Development, Punjab.
4. Chief Architect, Deptt. of Public Works, Punjab.
5. Sh. Jugraj Singh, Ex-MLA, Chairman, Mata GujriBirdh Ashram, Vill.Khanpur, Near Kharar, Distt. SAS Nagar.
6. Sh. Ashok Prashar, Prashar Kutir, Adarsh Nagar, Phagwara.


7. Secretary, Punjab State Social Welfare Board.

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

Besides others programmes of the Central Social Welfare Board, the Department of Social Security Women and Child Development, Punjab has sanctioned the following 5 ICDS Blocks in Districts viz. Amritsar, Fazilka, Ferozepur, Gurdaspur and Tarantaran to the Punjab State Social Welfare Board in the border districts of the State.

Table: List of Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Blocks

S.No. Name of the ICDS Block Address
1 ICDS Block Harsha Chhinna, Distt. Amritsar Near Central Bank of India, Gumtala, Central Jail, Ajnala Road, Amritsar
2 ICDS Block KhuianSarwar, Distt. Fazilka C/o Sh. Baljeet Singh, Main Jammu Basti, B4/7/318, Abohar, Distt. Fazilka
3 ICDS Block Makhu, Distt. Ferozepur C/o Dhawan & Co. (Naseeb Chand Artiya) Tehsil Jeera, Distt. Ferozepur
4 ICDS Block Dera Baba Nanak, Distt. Gurdaspur ICDS Block Dera Baba Nanak, Distt. Gurdaspur
5 ICDS Block Bhikhiwind, Distt. Tarantaran Blair Road, (Near Mission Hospital) Bhikhiwind, Distt. Tarantaran
Note: For the benefits, validity and application procedure of a scheme, please contact your nearest DPO.

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